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Past events


17 June, 11:00 am: Dialogue Workshop
04 March, 5:30 pm: Birthday Party


11 June - 22 September: Lichtparcours


01 March, 7-10 pm: in the DRK KaufBar in Brunswick, the local Inkies celebrated their
annual birthday party. The KaufBar is a mixture of charity shop, restaurant and venue
for cultural or artistic events.

As befits an organization dedicated to encouraging non-native speakers to write and express themselves in English, be it prose or poetry, the members put together a nice program for the evening, that consisted of several poems and short stories – mostly written and read by members. All in all, more than 15 pieces were read, some longer, some quite short.

Unfortunately, we have no picture of Ottmar in his Friar Lawrence costume that was made out of a blanket and a tube scarf both in dark red and supported his act on stage (he wrote a dialogue between said Friar and well-known Romeo).

The Inkies had prepared a lot of food: at least three sorts of cake/muffins, plus salad, bread, a quiche, a roast with fig mustard and a selection of cheeses. And of course Colette’s famous carrot cake. Moreover, the KaufBar sold us all kinds of beverages, so nobody had to go home thirsty nor hungry.

The event had that Christmas-carols-in-front-of-the-fireplace-charm that we come
across on TV every winter season. And I mean that in a good way. People came
together to read to each other. In English. And not just the words of others, but their very own. Even Inkie-Fledgling Angie read two extracts from her works and earned
a round of applause. Even though not every piece made every single person cry or
laugh, I think there was something appealing for every guest.

There was one sad aspect of the evening, too. It was time to bid farewell to organization’s head, founder and president Lawrence Guntner. He chose to retire and even though he wanted to stay in the shade for the event he still had to accept the presents he was given as a sign of gratitude for all the years of hard work.

It was a cozy and stimulating evening, and many of us are looking forward to tasting
this delicious carrot cake again.


21 November, 4-5 pm: Throw a bit of moonlight on the Braunschweiger Vorlesetag...
Oh, it was fun to Moon About. Many many thanks to everyone who made it happen, Ottmar for the great original poem, Sabine for her flash-fiction story, Jana for the stunning, stunning song, Freya for a touching, beautifully illustrated tale, Sonia for making us feel cosy and loved reading the Gruffalo's child, Katerina and Timo for an unusual and funny rendition of Orwell, Colette and Amidala for taking us all the way there..., Steffi for her funny and uplifting intro to a funny and uplifting piece and
Brigitte for bringing Cat Stevens to the feast. The punny funny interview between
Parky and the Man in to Moon was also, may we say very very far from moondane...
And we had Moon Cake! (Seriously, it looked like a full moon) We do not own the
rights to most of the texts that were read that evening, but we can post some of the original contributions

--> Ottmar Bauer "How Big the Moon"
20 February, 7.30 pm: we celebrated the 11th Birthday Party of Writer´s Ink with
poetry, prose and carrot cake. It was a great night with readings of our favourite texts
in English, great food and a nice chat in between. A highlight and a great occacsion for
our members to meet.
--> Ottmar Bauer "Sailing"

--> Ottmar Bauer „Wheatfield with
25 and 26 January: A play in German end English could be enjoyed at the Roter Saal:
„Mrs Topham Looks out of the Window” is a co-production of Rebecca Bilkau and
Stephanie Lammers for Writers. Ink and is a play depicting about Viktoria Luise´s
governess meeting a group of teenagers of today. „Playing with History. Ein Stück
auf Deutsch, with a bit of English thrown in” - great fun to watch!

15 November, 2. Braunschweiger Vorlesetag · Writers Ink Literary Lounge
The Writers Ink Literary Lounge - an armchair safari for literary lizards - took place
at the Galeri auf Zeit. Several guests joined us for a cozy stroll through our pet texts.
We read about cats who run railways, dogs who drive the great American freeways,
Baskervillian hounds, teddies with honey issues, bees and other animals. Following
2012's Harry Potter reading we offered a little relaxed magic - a sane hatters soirée
with Messrs Elliot, Steinbeck, Conan Doyle, Milne, Kipling et al. Armed with words,
snacks and wine we went on a gentle bear hunt together.

28 February, 19:00, Writers Ink Birthday party at the Raabe-Haus
Literaturzentrum, Leonhardstr. 29a, 38102 Braunschweig. As a writing prompt
for poetry or prose we had a choice of six paintings, the results were
fabulous! Furthermore, the attendants brought a post-it with their favorite
lines of poetry which were put together to a new poem. What a creative

We started the Daniil Pashkoff Prize 2010 in the summer. Furthermore we held
monthly Read-Ins at the Rollei-Existenzgründerzentrum on every first Saturday
of the month and celebrated our anniversary at Hans-Gerd Hahne's Galerie of Zeit
in Braunschweig. We relaunched our website with the help of Mr. Maassen from
Maassen Design and started a monthly newsletter for our members.

The year of the 7th Daniil Pashkoff prize. In 2008 we did a prose workshop
and celebrated our 6th anniversary party in the Raabe-Haus Braunschweig -
as has become usual, with prose and poetry readings.
Publication of ”In The Silence A Whisper” with the prize-winning texts
of the Daniil Pashkoff Prize 2008 and 2006.

We had a prose workshop, commemorated Daniil Pashkoff's birthday
with a party and celebrated our 5th anniversary.

A busy year: we did three poetry workshops, two of the workshops in schools
of the region. We held a prose workshop at the English Seminar in Braunschweig,
had a prose and poetry session and, of course, celebrated our 4th anniversary
and awarded the 6th Daniil Pashkoff Prize. We published the anthology
”Feel the Words Burning on your tongue” with prose and poetry from the
Daniil Pashkoff Prize 2003, 2004 and 2005.

Another busy year: Three workshops, an open mic and our 3rd anniversary
plus the 5th Daniil-Pashkoff-Prize.

This year saw four workshops, our 2nd anniversary and the 4th Daniil Pashkoff Prize.

The 3rd Daniil Pashkoff Prize, one poetry workshop at a school in Braunschweig,
one prose workshop, our 1st anniversary.

„Birth“ of Writers Ink. One workshop - and the 2nd Daniil Pashkoff Prize.
Publication of „Life is but a Verse...” with prose and poetry from the
Daniil Pashkoff Prize 2001 and 2002.

Year of the 1st Daniil Pashkoff Prize.

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