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The following links may prove useful to writers:
www.graff.de · Our bookshop in Braunschweig
www.uschtrin.de · Directory of creative-writing competitions in German
www.creative-writing-now.com Creative Writing Now – a site founded by writing teachers
that lists a lot of tips for beginners
thesaurus.reference.com · An online Thesaurus and dictionary
Guide to Grammar & Writing · Useful information on all aspects of English grammar, including notorious confusables, adjective order, sentence construction, sentence variety, tenses, punctuation, and paragraph development. There are even quizzes and tests.
www.keinverlag.de · Archive for German poetry and prose, that also features
a small bodyof English texts.
Forwriters.com · A professional website that provides links to writersá groups and associations.
Turkey City Lexicon · A humorous approach to the dos and don'ts of science fiction writing
that apply to other kinds of prose writing as well.
www.dr-thormann.de · For questions on business English and translating.
www.haikuworld.org · Haikuworld – a website devoted to all things haiku. It also features various articles for beginners