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Selections from the
Daniil Pashkoff Prize
2003 / 2004 / 2005

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The prize winners of 2005 (from left to right): Anke Lorentzen, Sandra Sigel, Herr Lachmund, Marzia Milazzo, Christina Diehl, Susanne Jung,Maylin Wartenberg, Michael Schneider, Fabian Dörschel, Samira Khodei, Katrin Oellerich, and Julia Boll.

Students of the Große Schule in Wolfenbüttel and their teacher Frau Meier receive an honorable mention for their
detective novel ‘Black Spring’ - and a creative writing workshop for the entire class.

We would like to thank all other writers who submitted their works. More poems and
stories are submitted every year from all over the world. With only four categories,
the decision which texts to award prizes to proved more difficult than ever.

As usual, Writers Ink e.V. would like to thank our sponsors: Buchhandlung Graff for
providing us a fitting setting for our award ceremony and for kindly handing out
refreshments to our guests; and Gaertner Datensysteme, and Familie Johann Papke
Stiftung, for generously sponsoring the prizes.

We would like to thank our audience, who turned up in great number,
in spite of the unexpectedly sunny weather.

DANIIL PASHKOFF PRIZE 2005 · The Prize Winners
Poetry 21+
I. PRIZE - ”Song of my Mother” - Sandra Sigel, Freiburg
II. PRIZE - ”Cows” - Marzia Milazzo, Freiburg
III. PRIZE - ”Go and Catch him” - Christina Diehl, Zürich
Prose 21+
I. PRIZE - ”Pariah” - Julia-Kathrin Tordasi, Sindelfingen
II. PRIZE - ”Devil May Care” - Tatjana Pfennig, Bremen
III. PRIZE - ”Dreamer” - Ellen Shreiber, Hannover
Poetry 21-
I. PRIZE - ”Don’t Care” - Fabian Dörschel, Gifhorn
II. PRIZE - ”Let me go” - Henrike Lachmund, Schöningen
Prose 21-
I. PRIZE - ”Desert Skyline” - Julia Boll, Bremen
II. PRIZE - ”Blind Tongue” - Marzia Milazzo, Freiburg
III. PRIZE - ”Angel” - Franziska Kreuser, Bremen
Honorable Mentions
Leistungkurs der 11b, Grosse Schule Wolfenbüttel - Black Spring (detective novel)
The Girl who would be King - Susanne Jung
The Tiger / The Kids - Katrin Oellerich
Skyscrapers - Minka Paraskevova
Internal Collapse - Maylin Wartenberg
Mixed Combinations - Anke Lorentzen